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02 September 2010 @ 11:38 pm
ooc; character/series info  
So I figured I'd share the basic idea behind Shugo Chara!, Amu and her Charas. Here we go~

Shugo Chara! is an anime about Amu Hinamori and the other guardians of Seiyo Elementary. Te main idea is that everyone has an egg, the egg of their soul, within them. Most people never know about that egg, but it holds the dreams of who we want to be and what we want to do. In some special cases, like Amu, Shugo Charas are born from these eggs. Each chara reflect a 'would-be' self of the person they belong with.

So the guardians' job is to search for the Embryo, an egg that can grant any wish. They also must capture and return any eggs that have become X Eggs, meaning that the person they belonged to lost hope in themselves and their dreams. Basically they restore hope to that person. Meanwhile there's Easter, a coorporation trying to find the Embryo for their own purposes.

Amu Hinamori is the Joker's Chair of the Seiyo guardians and it is her job to purify X eggs. Basically she is the guardian's trump card. She started with three Shugo Charas, Ran, Miki and Suu, who were born after she wished to be able to show her would-be self, after being stuck as being 'cool and spicy' to all her classmates. She often keeps on the facade of her outer obstinate character but she is actually very shy and gets embarassed very easily. Amu is given the Humpty Lock which allows for 'Character Change' with her charas, which is fancy talk for a magical girl transformation. With the Character Change she gets different abilities and can purify x eggs. Later on a fourth chara is born, Dia.

♥ Ran is from Amu's Heart Egg. She's very cheerful and energetic and is always cheering Amu on to do new things and do her best. Her skills are athletics so she can help Amu bring out her athletic ablities. When she Character Changes with Amu, Amu can jump really high, practically flying. She also has the power for "Negative Heart: Lock On" which purifies X Eggs. Later she also can use the heart rod, a baton/boomerang like attack.

♠ Miki is from Amu's Spade Egg. She's very quite, but also quite smart. She is the artistic chara and as such can bring out Amu's artistic abilities. When they Character Change Amu can use the attack "Colorful Canvas" which also purifies x eggs.

♣ Suu is from Amu's Clover Egg. Suu is very friendly and thoughtful. She's the chara for all of Amu's domestic skills. She loves cooking and cleaning. When she character changes with Amu she can use the "Remake Honey" skill which can restore that which has been hurt or damaged.

◆ Dia is from Amu's Diamond Egg. When she was first born, Amu was going through alot of changes and doubt built up within her. Because of that and x appeared on the Diamond Egg. The egg flew off and decided to work with Utau who was helping Easter and fighting with Amu. Meanwhile Amu worked with Utau's Chara Eru and was able to become Amulet Angel. After a final battle of sorts Dia returned to Amu after Amu was able to show her light. After that though, Dia returned to her egg, waiting for the day Amu 'shines again'. She is Amu's musical ability.

Name: AmyJack
E-mail - ascot_chan@yahoo.com
MSN/AIM/YIM - Aim: Guardiabellaluna

Name: Amu Hinamori
Age: Unknown, but I'm going with 13
Gender: female
Fandom: Shugo Chara!
Timeline/Arc: Around episode 54
Brief Background:
wiki- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Shugo_Chara!_characters

Amu is a student at Seiyo Academy who is well known for being 'cool and spicy'. But that's only her outward character. Underneath that all Amu wants is to be a regular girl who can wear cute things and have lots of friends. One night she wishes very hard to find her would-be self, the self she could someday become, that three guardian characters, Ran, Miki and Suu are born. With their help Amu is able have character changes and transformations which gives her different abilities depending on which character she uses. Later on she also has a fourth character, Dia who is still in the egg she was born in.

After her first three characters were born Amu joined the Seiyo Elementary guardians as the joker. The guardians are searching for the embryo which will give them any wish they want. Because of this they fight with Easter, a group that is also after the embryo.

Personality: Often on the outside Amu will portray her usual 'cool and spicy' attitude and will attempt to not show any emotions. However she easily gets worked up over things and panics like any girl would. She's often insecure about her own personality and what her would-be self really is. She may act like she doesn't need help from anyone, but more than anything she wants to make friends.

As for her guardian characters, Ran is very energetic, but not always the brightest. She constantly is cheering Amu on and telling her to do her best. Miki is a bit more subdued and is very interested in the arts. Out of the original three characters she is the most level headed. Suu is very sweet and loves everything domestic like cooking and cleaning. She's ready to lend a helping hand, even if no one asks for one. Not much is known about Dia, but she is very kind, and seems to know a lot more about Amu than she knows herself. She loves singing and music.

Reduction of abilities: Amu won't be able to do full character transformations like she used to, but small character changes will still happen if one of the guardian characters feels it's necessary.

First Person Sample: What the heck is this place!? I was just at school on the way to a guardian meeting and now I'm here? Why is it so dark here? I don't like it.

Okay, okay. I must have hit my head and now I'm asleep. Right? That's got to be it.

And what's that!? It looks like an egg...but it's got wings, ears and a tail. It's not some new guardian character is it?

Third Person Sample: After the final bell of the day rang, Amu headed out of her class and straight for her meeting with the other guardians. As soon as she stepped out of the class room, Ran, Miki and Suu were right there, floating near.

“How was your day Amu?” Suu asked with her usual smile.

“Fine,” Amu replied quietly so that no one would here her conversation.

“What did you three do all day?”

“Kiseki had us looking around for the embryo again,” Miki replied with a shrug.

As Amu walked outside and to the garden for her meeting the three guardian characters babbled on and on about their adventures. Amu mostly listened, but faded in and out like she usually did when the three got into story telling like this. It wasn’t that she wasn’t interested to hear what was going on, but sometimes it was hard, not to mention exhausting, trying to follow them when they went on the way they did.

Soon enough they reached the indoor garden and Amu hurried up to the meeting table, only to find she was the first one to arrive. Looking around to make sure someone wasn’t hiding around in some other part of the garden; Amu sat down in her usual seat and smiled as she waited for her friends to arrive.

Anything else: The guardian characters aren't visible to most people, so they may get a bit excited and try to say something or write in the journal, but nobody, unless they have guardian characters would be able to see them.