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Hop, Step, Jump

Drew, Draw, Drawn

Hinamori Amu
21 November 1987
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♥ Hop, Step, Jump
Name: Amu Hinamori
Age: Unknown, but I'm going with thirteen
Gender: Female
Fandom: Shugo Chara!
Timeline/Arc: Around episode 54

♠ Drew, Draw, Drawn
Amu is a student at Seiyo Academy who is well known by the other students for being 'cool and spicy'. But that's only her outward character. Underneath that all Amu wants is to be a regular girl who can wear cute things and have lots of friends. One night she wishes very hard to find her would-be self, the self she could someday become, and three guardian characters, Ran, Miki and Suu were born. With their help Amu is able have character changes and transformations which gives her different abilities depending on which character she uses. Later on she also has a fourth character, Dia who is still in the egg she was born in.

After her first three characters were born Amu joined the Seiyo Elementary guardians as the joker. The guardians are searching for the embryo which will give them any wish they want. Because of this they fight with Easter, a group that is also after the embryo.

♣ Chips, Syrup, Whip Cream
Often on the outside Amu will portray her usual 'cool and spicy' attitude and will attempt to not show any emotions. However she easily gets worked up over things and panics like any girl would. She's often insecure about her own personality and what her would-be self really is. She may act like she doesn't need help from anyone, but more than anything she wants to make friends.

As for her guardian characters, Ran is very energetic, but not always the brightest. She constantly is cheering Amu on and telling her to do her best. Miki is a bit more subdued and is very interested in the arts. Out of the original three characters she is the most level headed. Suu is very sweet and loves everything domestic like cooking and cleaning. She's ready to lend a helping hand, even if no one asks for one. Not much is known about Dia, but she is very kind, and seems to know a lot more about Amu than she knows herself. She loves singing and music.

◆ Relationships

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